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The Full Story

Hi! Fancy seeing you here. My name is Siana. I am an 28 year old higher education professional by day and content creator by night. I have a passion for finding new things to do and learning. I am what they call a "jack of all trades". You name it, I have attempted it. For years I thought my interests were a curse and a little bit of ADHD, but over time I have grown to love every part of me, including my never satisfied brain. Through my interests, I have accumulated thousand of hours of knowledge in crafts, media, technology, cooking, and of course marketing. I only included marketing because I have a Bachelors and Masters in it. 

With all of this extra knowledge, I had to figure out something to do with it. I figured the best way to use it was to share it with others. And like that, was born while I was in undergrad. We have gone through times and tribulations, as well as many rebrands. I have not been consistent over the years but all of that free time allowed me to grow and evolve into who I present you with today.  

Weather you know me personally or just through my socials, I am glad that you are here. I am glad that you get to see more of me, outside of what I decide post on Instagram. 

I have a wonderful husband of 2 years, Isaac and two 50 lbs pups, Otis Redding & Patti LaBelle. You will eventually see more of them on this platform as time goes on. 

Sincerely Siana is a place where you can feel not alone. Being an adult in this day and age is for the birds, and sometimes we need a reminder that we are not doing it all by ourselves. This is were I will collect my series of randomly accumulated knowledge of fun things. You can also find deeper things like my struggle with my mental health and how God is still in the front of my life.

However you found yourself here, I hope you choose to stay awhile. I promise I am not boring.  

In the words of every small child giving a speech at a black Baptist church, 


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